Trends set the pace for technology-driven business growth! They actually pave the way for business to adapt itself to the nuances of real-time functioning.

Dawn of the IT Stone Age

Forrester Research has stated in its October 2017 report that IT business will make real-time progress in the upcoming 100 years that was not seen in the past 20,000! Although this is hard to accept, recent developments in IT can attest to this mercurial pace! To stay relevant, it is becoming a norm for CIO/CTO alike to stay abreast of the evolving IT landscape.

1.IoT Connections:

There are millions of IoT devices today that provide data gathering in everyday applications: home security systems, refrigerators, cars, oil rigs, traffic lights and surveillance cameras. IoT will continue to expand next year, with more and more devices coming online every single day. With the rise in influx of data created by IoT, businesses will need complex analytics to deal with it. The retail, healthcare, and industrial/supply chain industries will likely see the greatest growth. Forrester says that it has the potential to become the backbone of customer service value!

2.Cloud Security:

Gartner says that by 2020: more than 25% attacks will involve the Cloud realm. As companies increase remote servicing and transition more of their business to the Cloud, sources for potential security threats may easily be overlooked. Cryptojacking is an issue which will grab the spotlight in the next few years.

3.Machine Learning:

AI produces Big Data on a scale that is very complex to analyze. There are few ways to obtain the amount of data needed to truly start leveraging machine learning and AI. Without this data simplification and leveraging, it is harder to innovate and create new market opportunities. Hence, Big Data Analytics will become a big deal in 2018. In other words, machine learning is going to become an extremely bankable sentinel!

4.Artificial Intelligence:

From bots being able to communicate with one another to smart machines that can think independently, AI sees a glorious future! The Cloud pathway is expected to support the AI innovation. AI is expected to be automated and operationalized in 2018. Expect investments to increase too!

5.Immersive Experience and Conversational Platforms:

Computers will perform intent translation tasks. With the help of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), people will perceive the digitized world in a nuanced way! Over the coming five years, mixed reality will be an in-demand experience!

If all the above was not enough, today CIOs/CTOs have to deal with tight deadlines and tighter budgets! It is vital that the above trends are seen as complementary and working in harmony. Incorporating them in specific domains will result in giving a complete feel to your business from the IT perspective. CIOs/CTOs have to understand that this will enable modern businesses to deliver new, secure and cost-effective IT services that meet mutated business requirements!

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