Organizations need advanced threat capabilities to investigate and analyze attacks that slip by front-line defenses. Today’s attacks are stealthy and evasive, designed to bypass traditional defenses like firewall, anti-virus and intrusion prevention systems.

To innovate and disrupt, your business needs a balanced security solution capable of providing both proactive protection and adaptable expansion: Cisco Active Threat Analytics (ATA). It integrates deep expertise with cutting-edge technology, leading intelligence, and advanced analytics to detect and investigate threats with great speed, accuracy, and focus.

Cloud security that rises above everything else! Simplify security jargons. Keep business secure. Make software more effective. Building new security accessories for the new IoT realm!

Today’s experts use an average of 90 vendors to protect their high-value networks. Multiple vendors & products lead to useless complexity & gaps in defenses. Our security is designed to work in cohesion with other processes.

Create a threat-oriented security plan:

As the severity and complexity of cyber threats stealthily increase, a resilient security model is essential. Continuous protection before, during, & after attacks reduces disruptions. Deep visibility into threats across the entire network helps us keep Cisco’s architecture, data, & clients protected. Cisco security products work together. They dictate effective network security and incident responses. Also they boost productivity effectiveness through automation.

We have integrated a comprehensive portfolio of security technologies to provide advanced threat protection. Our niche includes next-gen firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), secure access systems, security analytics, & malware protection. We provide for web, email, network as well as cloud security.

All this is backed by a detailed threat & malware consciousness. Let us help you keep a step ahead of the latest cyber-attacks.

Our industry-oriented specialists consist of security intelligence & research experts. They consistently share analyses of threats and provide you with tools to help protect you against specific patterns.

How fast can you detect and respond to threats?
Hackers are continually evolving their campaigns & so should you! While stopping all attacks may not be feasible, your primary responsibility should be to review the effectiveness of your security modules.

Cisco® Rapid Threat Containment makes it easy to get fast answers about threats on your network and to stop them even faster. It uses an open integration of Cisco security products, technologies from Cisco partners, and the extensive network control of the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE). You can change users’ access privileges before or after they get on the network, based on their threat score. Now you can protect critical data faster!

Meet Cisco Next Generation Security: protects your data by scoping, containing and remediating attacks at the network level. In addition, it identifies and acts against infections across the attack continuum – before, during and after they occur.

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Networks delivers network-based defense that goes beyond point-in-time capabilities to protect organizations before, during, and after an attack. Now, access unmatched global threat intelligence to strengthen network defenses.

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints is a cloud-managed endpoint security solution that provides the visibility, context, and control to prevent breaches, but also rapidly detect, contain, and remediate threats if they evade front-line defenses and get inside, all cost-effectively and without affecting operational efficiency.

Cisco AMP for Endpoints continuously monitors, analyzes, and records all file activity, regardless of disposition, even after initial inspection.