Collaboration Platforms

The way we work has changed. Nobody works the same way for 5 years now, do they?

Business Review surveyed about how collaboration is changing businesses within. Today, 80% say “team communication” has become vital over the past few years. Almost 70% are investing in user-friendly collaboration solutions nowadays. 60% report that collaboration with external parties has increased in value.

Achieve your organization’s collaboration aim now!

Cisco Collaboration Services connect culture, process, & technology to make the collaboration experience come alive. Our advisory, implementation, & optimization services work across a range of solutions—for calling, meetings, messaging, and customer care. We can help you get more add-on from your collaboration investments.

Working together, people can achieve things out of the ordinary.

With our master applications, Cisco Collaboration Services offer the world’s best vantage point on Collaboration for digital business. We bring the knowledge, experience and perspective along with proven Cisco technology can help you deduce profitable outcomes.

We work with you to understand how you want your business evolution. Then we build a roadmap with predictive steps to get you there effortlessly.Improve efficiency & innovation with easy-to-use collaboration technology.Deliver a secure, dependable, high quality collaboration experience for your clientele base.

Cisco Collaboration Cloud

The Cisco WebEx development niche continues to manage & evolve the WebEx Cloud. Using our current cloud experience, our platform focuses on user orientation & collaboration workloads.

This new platform has a differentiated hybrid architecture that is based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA). The Cisco Cloud Collaboration platform has been designed to be an engine for creativity for both Cisco & our legacy of partners. Continuously deliver new & innovative user experiences. Security and High-Level Encryption. Fusion between premises, partner, & collaboration services is achieved. Ecosystem centricity is needed to empower partners & supervisors to manage and improve the overall user experience. Using this platform, we plan to deliver collaborative experiences that rival the very best client applications. From mobile to meeting rooms, get a seamless service delivered from the cloud that enhances customer experiences. Unlock greater RoI from your IT investments. From product benefits to high-value software services & network environments, we will keep your new application alive & secure. Strengthen your infrastructure, absorb technology updates, and reduce cost. Empower collaboration 24/7!

Cisco® Unified Communications offers a new way to communicate. This comprehensive, integrated IP communications system of voice, video, data, and mobility products and applications lets you use your network as an intelligent platform for effective, collaborative, scalable, and secure communications to better run your business. Cisco is the only company with the breadth of solutions and the knowledge to map technology to address your business challenges and optimize your business. By choosing Cisco Unified Communications, you can take the first step toward making your communications more effective and secure.

Cisco Customer Care solutions empower businesses to deliver a Connected Digital Experience, enabling you to deliver contextual, continuous, and capability-rich journeys for your customers, across time and channels. Now, better understand and improve your customer engagements through reports and analytics. Track the context of previous customer interactions, allowing your customer service agents to provide better/faster customer service. The result of the Connected Digital Experience is a positive, start-to-finish care experience for both your customers and your business.

Ad-hoc and scheduled meetings, including scheduling with Outlook and Lotus Notes. Interoperable with Cisco® Collaboration products. Delivered securely over the Cisco WebEx® cloud and on premises. Consistent, cross-platform experience. Real-time management of all conferences both non-scheduled and scheduled, across infrastructure and endpoints.

All-in-One Conferencing Solution:
Incorporates audio, web, and video in a single solution. Same Great WebEx User Experience WebEx® clients for mobile devices, high-quality video,
collaboration tools, recording and playback, and more.