Digital Network

Reduce the risk and complexity of migrating to your network automation infrastructure.

Cisco Meraki: 100% Cloud Managed Networks! Powerful Networking Where & When You Want It! Cisco Network Data Platform (NDP) collects next-generation streaming telemetry, as well as traditional NetFlow records, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) events, and Syslog information in real time to continually monitor how devices, users, and applications are performing.

The solution baselines the collected data to establish “norms” and then uses it for network analysis to find outliers. Faster troubleshooting, proactive monitoring, & anomaly detection!

Networking redecorated! Speed-up your business metamorphosis with a digital-age network that will allow you to innovate faster, hasten operations, & minimize risks!
The network is changing from a hardware-oriented model to a virtual-centric one that supports technical specifications. For software professionals, the ability to engage & support a digital-ready network requires adopting quick emerging technologies in software-defined networking (SDN), mobility, efficient security, flexible access, & virtualization, while taking full support of the managed cloud. One tech-stream will affect all others.

This evolution has led to a demand for evolving skills. It will require IT talent that understands the association between technology and business and that requires a new skills framework. Certified IT experts must learn new capabilities.

SD-Access enhances our Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA™) with automation,
analytics, and greater security. You can now secure your enterprise, mobilize your workforce, engage your customers and simplify your IT operations.

Cisco® Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA™) Analytics and Assurance help you get the most from your network. The solution proactively monitors your network, gathering and processing information from your devices, applications, and users and presenting it in Cisco DNA Center, an easy-to-use single dashboard for managing all your analytics tasks.

SD-WAN provides a cloud-delivered overlay WAN architecture that enables digital
and cloud transformation at enterprises. It significantly drops WAN costs, reduces the time to deploy services, build application resiliency and provides a robust security architecture for hybrid networks.