Intent-based Data Centre

Gain information on what’s hitting your network now! Security and derived intents are a basic necessity today for any network. Cisco Network Assurance Engine enables us to greatly reduce risk of production outages, accelerate timelines, and achieve high-quality application migrations. It is vital to choose a technology partner that can help you create and implement your intent-based network roadmap. This enables you to move faster, with a professional confidence. Our intent-based data center offers pervasive security, multicloud mobility and enhanced applications.

Is your IT architecture sluggish and unable to cope with evolving Cloud demands? Need the agility of an on-demand infrastructure without going to public clouds? With Cisco, now get ready for any app, on any cloud, at any scale! Let's face it: existing IT infrastructure aren't up to the mark! Quick-turn demands of the cloud can be rigorous at times. Cultivating IT specialization may not work here. We enable companies to gain the benefits of on-demand infrastructure for data-centric workloads without placing resources in public clouds. Connectivity, via the HyperFlex platform, enables multicloud management with an adaptive platform that powers all applications, wherever they may be. Through the Connectivity HCI, you can get assured cost savings, business agility and responsiveness.
Now reduce cost and complexity without compromising data center functionality! Connectivity, with the backing of Cisco ACI solutions, provides a common policy-based operational model across ready networks. Quickly deploy applications with real-time innovations in mission-critical IT architecture. With Connectivity, remove your limitations in complex, dynamic IT environments! We offer: automation, analytics, workload mobility and programmability. Accelerate your business agility with Connectivity ACI now!
A static security model implemented at the perimeter of the network is not sufficient nowadays!

Enable zero-trust operations and dramatically improve your data center security. We provide your business with white-list policy model and thus aid your segmentation. Connectivity uses comprehensive traffic telemetry data collected from both servers and Cisco Nexus switches. By using an algorithmic approach, we provide automated segmentation, real-time asset tagging, enforcement of policies, complete visibility and identification of application dependencies and communications. Extensive behavioral analysis forms the basis for the Connectivity Tetration analytics.

Having problems competing recently? Today, automation isn't a luxury but a necessity! Connectivity automates all IT tasks: computing, networking, storage layers in physical/virtual environments and effectively formulates the right data center strategy for you. We act for you to give you better results! We provide automation modules that allow for assimilation at a pace that is comfortable for your organization. All modules work together and are operated using a common interface, which provides for service lifecycle management.