Intent-based networking

A network that is powered by intent and informed by context is needed today. Optimize your network for digital competencies now! Accordingly, Connectivity has allied itself with Cisco to deliver an end-to-end strategy. Our real-time solutions provide breakthroughs across data centres. Now, you can drive outcomes through context, perform Cloud innovations, automate & secure everything!

We capture and translate business intent so that it can be applied across your network. Get reduced risks, agility and more value addition. Powerful assurance solutions will break new ground for you. Analytical insights and visibility for enterprise networks will be the primary focus leading to continuous verification for data networks. We are adept at building the bridge between businesses and IT.

Want policy-based automation from the edge to the Cloud? Want cutting-edge intelligence at your fingertips? Network automation does day-to-day tasks like configuration, provisioning and troubleshooting. Security breaches are also minimized, saving considerable CapEx and OpEx. Software defined access can help you to get a secure wireless network for changing network landscapes. It is also a trusted solution for what goes on your network. In this era of automation, we are your trusted advisor for network assurance!
Virtualize and simplify your WAN deployments through the Cisco intuitive models. Connectivity continues to drive innovations in enterprise networking through the Software Defined WAN. Now you can make enterprise-level changes to your entire network at one go. Through a Software Defined WAN, you get: integrated security, transport independence, endpoint security and quality experience. Transform your infrastructure into a next gen one!
Traditional networks risk various challenges like box-by-box deployments and so forth. There is a need to understand operational as well as performance needs and apply these to all your applications automatically. Cisco offers a fundamental transformation in how networks are built and run. Through the Cisco DNA, address the demands of digitization, mobility and IoT. By unifying policies you can enforce contingencies and simplify IT. Cisco DNA: application-specific policies, secure access, network segmentation, quick configurations, easy scalability and a singular dashboard. The Simplified Network Management performs contextual network-based insights, automates processes and protects against threats. Get contextual insights with differentiated experiences, only through Connectivity!
Do you know the basics of how your network traffic is being accessed? What applications are being used and when? Whether they are compliant with your business policies? Digitization has transformed our world. A premium service business must protect its networks from unnecessary infringements. Network security can give you the necessary leverage to validate each and every user and device. Network devices cannot probe encrypted traffic, which make it a likely candidate for carrying malware and ransomware. The Connectivity Encrypted Traffic Analysis team mitigates threats inside encrypted traffic without decrypting the packets, ensuring data privacy. Our encrypted analysis can keep you relevant in this fluctuating cyber climate!