IT Services and Solutions

Connectivity offers various value-added benefits through it services to wide range of businesses. These services are latest and also are turnkey and efficient in their own sense. IT solutions are an aggregation of services and products and not a single discrete product.

To the present day, Connectivity is the best IT service and solutions provider. We have tenured practices in providing managed services, innovative solutions, annual maintenance, data security services, IT counsel services and administrative services.

Managed Services: Our experienced team will be responsible for the improved operations and the subsidized expenses in day-to-day operations. Many services can be managed on a 24/7 basis like supply chain, cloud services, international operations as well as data processing. Connectivity offers a service delivery commitment to this respect.

Security Services: It’s been a long time since Connectivity is providing security services. These include firewalls, antivirus protection, malware tracking and phishing proof software. Also various things are contained in an information security policy. These can be endorsed, realistic, relevant, enforceable, adaptable, attainable as well as inclusive. Risk assessment and threat analysis are also covered. Security audits are routinely conducted along with access authority management.

Innovative Services: These can involve counsel services like generation of out-of-box ideas and research on concepts never before researched. These are Cloud consulting services with AWS, Azure, Big Data Solutions with Hortonworks, MapR, and orchestration services with Puppet/Chef.

Administrative Services: We help in setting up the free-flow of certain crucial administrative tasks for start-up firms. Thus, we are the ‘Big Brother’ to many small firms. Many budding firms look up to us to get their work done. In short…it suffices to say that we act as the catalyst to the already progressing nature of firms.

Annual Maintenance Services: Our team of competent professionals is committed to give you maintenance from time to time. Many clients have customized needs which can only be satisfied through specialized supervision. Due to this, companies can now concentrate on high priority activities.

IT Counsel: In today’s era where there are many options for seeking various IT related solutions from ever increasing brands, it is very important to listen to stable counsel from a trusted source. Connectivity talent-pool is a one-stop-solution for all of your IT related doubts.


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