Software Defined Architecture

Faster, more secure system access!

When there is a network outage or performance glitch, IT teams need to identify the root causes before they can mitigate the problem. More analytics tools and more data don’t always help IT to troubleshoot problems faster. However, having greater insight into what is happening on the network, and a platform that can recommend solutions to problems, can save IT time and increase network uptime.
The rise of cloud-based applications and IoT is impacting existing wide area networks across all industries. The need to increase bandwidth, optimize cloud connectivity, and improve security posture is challenging with traditional WAN architectures of the past 20 years. Enabling zero-touch provisioning, site-to-site auto VPN, and 3G/4G failover: Cisco Meraki delivers for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. Get the most from your network performance now!

Helps the business accelerate application deployment and delivery, dramatically reducing IT costs through policy-enabled work-flow automation. SDN technology enables cloud architectures by providing automated, on-demand application delivery and mobility at scale. There is efficient data center virtualization, increasing resource flexibility & utilization, reducing infrastructure costs & overhead.
The product is a modern architecture that can deliver new applications and services in a few moments, rather than the days or weeks required in legacy systems.
Are you looking to control costs while innovating?
How about a leverage that could help you transform your business, & accelerate RoI time while reducing operational costs and deployment at web speed?
Want service architectural solutions?

Connectivity offers an add-on companion system comprising the physical & virtual hardware solution capabilities that you can use to accelerate the deployment of radical real-time services.

Cisco® Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA™) Analytics and Assurance helps you get the most from your network. The solution proactively monitors your network, gathering and processing information from your devices, applications, and users and presenting it in Cisco DNA Center, an easy-to-use single dashboard for managing all your analytics tasks.
Networking redecorated! Speed-up your business metamorphosis with a digital-age network that will allow you to innovate faster, hasten operations, & minimize risks!

The insights you gather from your network devices can influence your automation configuration and deployment decisions. As a result, you can mitigate problems before they affect your network. Cisco DNA Center provides an integrated automation and assurance/analytics workflow, enabling you to quickly take action to remediate the issue.