Software Solutions

These solutions will enable faster and simpler cloud-scale networking for all service providers. Connectivity is getting recognition as a strong independent performer in Cloud software innovations and strategies. With Connectivity: intuitive, straightforward, and powerful Cloud management and self-service access is guaranteed. We offer a broad range of customized software applications powered by concrete technology and industry expertise. You may need technology solutions that envision business outcomes and quality. Our niche specialists are adept at providing the same.

We at Connectivity focus on providing turnkey products and solutions that enable application-centric collaborive platforms. We are a transformational partner enabling you to leap into the future. Our forte lies in Cloud deployment, sales automation, collaboration, multiple device support, integrated Cisco Spark.

Complete end-to-end cloud based collaborative business process automation is provided by Connectivity.

Super charge your agility through process management. Automate your business processes NOW! Innovative services such as coordinated maintenance, bandwidth calendaring, and premium network-routing solutions are involved. Now, allow geographically dispersed teams to communicate efficiently. This involves a great deal of collaboration, documentation, task management, reporting, workflow, and so on.

Vikray War Room: We deliver experiences that are better than all. This is built on top of the Cisco Spark platform. It is hosted entirely in the Cloud and offers end-to-end encryption. Our room offers experiences that are easily accessible from all devices. Tasks: data integration, business intelligence, intelligent dashboarding, etc. Tasks that can be automated include managing, controlling, analyzing, and improving network performance and capacity planning. Through Cisco Spark, we assure you with efficient expansion, accelerated teamwork and peace of mind!

Vikray Task Flow: You are able to connect in unconventional ways. The way we work has changed. Working together, people can achieve extraordinary things. Empower collaboration and innovation. Better collaboration makes all the difference. We can offer: whiteboarding, integration and bots, messaging and content sharing, meetings and calling.

Make your business more compliance ready and detect threats better with Connectivity! There is no need for you to have gaps in those areas. Cisco Intelligent Automation embeds domain knowledge, analytics, and best practices into the network that connects every aspect of your business. The Connectivity network-centric approach to intelligent automation takes advantage of the network’s ability to sense and control data center and IT operations. This approach makes sure that you are compliant across all compliance standards (HIPAA, PCI-DSS, RBI Governance, etc.) based on business type.

Strengthen your overall security by analysing surveillance videos in real time and improve incident response. Easily deploy innovative analytics, utilize security resources and simplify operations with Cisco video analytics. AI can simplify interactions with your customers and it’s becoming a core competency that requires planning, investment, and comprehensive strategies. We at Connectivity are competent in all strategy types of AI and analytics.